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"I think the work you all do is truly amazing, and for me, quite humbling"

  • "I can not say enough for the care that you gave to my mum... You are all angels with hidden wings"

"I will always be grateful for the help and support I've received from Brook House"

  • "I would like to thank you all for the kindness & help you gave us when our mother stayed at Brook House"

About Us

Our Staff

All our dedicated staff live locally and we have many employees who we are proud to say have been with us from the start.

Every resident is assigned their own individual key worker, who is trained at NVQ level II standard. Key workers ensure the specific requirements of each resident are carried out to the latter. Such arising issues as mobility, health and dietary needs.

Carers are also on hand when possible to liaise with families if required and work hand in hand under the direction of our RMA & NVQ level IV qualified manager.

House History

Helen & Bryan Constant, and Barbara & Colin Jones acquired Brook House in 1986 with the dream of creating a comfortable home for the elderly, providing a dignified relaxing service. Ensuring peace of mind too families loved ones with the welfare of our residents being absolutely paramount.

Each founder member had a role in this big, but exciting venture which still today has the focus of providing an understanding, compassionate, warm and friendly care home.
The roles of company secretary, treasurer, manager and maintenance person were filled by the newly formed Constant and Jones team.

Our first job was to bring Brook House back into some kind order. This was not easy as years of neglect meant much of the plaster on the walls had to stripped, floor boards removed and damp coarsing treatment carried out. The garden was completely overgrown and each family including teenage off spring jumped in to action to help bring the building into some kind serviceable order.

The results of much toil, blood and tears is a well equipped, warm, clean, safe and inviting home for the needy.

The house itself dates back to 1600’s and original parts of the building are built with the 6,000 year old wattle and daub building process. A glass screen in one of the corridors displays the soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw wall construction.

Brook House has been used for various purposes over the centuries. Such as a work house, a justice of peace residency, a small medical practice, shelter for war time families and finally to date as Brook House Residential home and Day Care Centre.
In 1995 the building was extended as new Government legislation for social service requirements could only be met by complicated extension project. At the same time we built the day care centre on the ground where the old coach house used to stand.

In doing so we created the village’s second highest employer and a popular social hub. This being for residents and day care visitors, as well as villages participating in organized social activities.

Some of our founder members are unfortunately no longer with us, but our goals are still exactly the same. The off spring now fill the shoes of the departed with the smooth running of a proud business renowned and respected within the care home industry. Our doors are always open to visitors for viewing's, with a cup of tea and slice of homemade cake

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