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"I think the work you all do is truly amazing, and for me, quite humbling"

  • "I can not say enough for the care that you gave to my mum... You are all angels with hidden wings"

"I will always be grateful for the help and support I've received from Brook House"

  • "I would like to thank you all for the kindness & help you gave us when our mother stayed at Brook House"



  • Conservatory and activity rooms
  • Accessible gardens and secure patio areas Individual designated trained staff
  • Hairdressers and chiropodists are regular offered services
  • Bingo, art & crafts, books, singers, domino’s and entertainment shows
  • Accompanied garden, village walks, church visits and shopping (motorbility scooter available)
  • In house pet dogs, cat and hens
  • Private and social service  welcomed

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Brook House | Facilities & Activities