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  • "I can not say enough for the care that you gave to my mum... You are all angels with hidden wings"

"I will always be grateful for the help and support I've received from Brook House"

"I think the work you all do is truly amazing, and for me, quite humbling"

  • "I would like to thank you all for the kindness & help you gave us when our mother stayed at Brook House"

Frequently asked questions

Can residents keep my G.P?
Yes, if they are willing to visit Brook House. Otherwise residents will be registered with Sharnbrook surgery, they visit on a weekly basis's.

What happens if residents become very ill?
If we are able to work along with G.P, district nurses and it is not detrimental to a resident’s health or welfare – then residents can stay as long they or their family’s desire.

Will I have my own bedroom?
Yes, unless residents would prefer a shared room.

Is their a contract?
Yes there is. Contracts are binding prior to residency, in accordance to both parties requirements.

Is there a contract term?
There is no contract or indeed term. Residents can leave if required, when they wish.

Can residents stay for short term respite?
Yes, short term stays are welcomed pending on bed availability.

Do relatives have to do the laundry?
No, Brook House carry out all laundry services. However it is essential all residents clothing is clearly labelled and discourage clothing that requires specialist cleaning.

Are there TV’s in bedrooms?
Yes, and providing you are over 75 licenses free. Under 75’s will incur £5 fee.

Can residents use the day care centre?
Yes, day centre is accessible from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours 10am-4pm. Time spent in the day care centre is included within resident’s fees.

Can residents go out whenever they want?
Providing it’s safe for residents to do so, or accompanied by a friend/relative.
Village walks are arranged and staff permitting residents are taken out daily.

What outings do you have?
Our mini bus with wheel chair access allows excursions for our residents regularly. Outings include theatre visits, shopping outings and garden centre trips.

What entertainment do you have?
Our activities co-ordinator provides a timetabled plan. 
Monthly visits from outside entertainers.

Are special dietary requirements catered for?
Yes, pre admission assessment dietary needs will be discussed before admission to Brook House.  Upon admission our highly qualified chef will confirm individual requirements.

Can residents go to bed when they like?
Yes they can.

Can residents have meals in their room?
Yes, although we encourage all residents to eat together.

Is there a choice of menu?
Yes, there are always alternative menu options.

Can visitors have lunch?
Yes, by prior arrangement for a small fee.

What do residents require extra money for?
Newspapers, chiropodist, hairdresser, outings and toiletries.

Are residents required to bring towels and bed sheets?
No, we provide all sheets.

Can residents bring in their own items of furniture and electrical items?
Yes, however electrical items have to be certificated with a portable appliance testing. Wooden items have to be checked for treatment.
All of the above need prior arrangement.

Can I bring in pets?

Can residents smoke?

What time are visitors allowed?
Visitors are welcome at any time without prior arrangement, however we discourage lunch time visits.

Can visitors have lunch?
Yes by prior arrangement.

Does a Vicar visit?
Yes there are visits from Martin, the local vicar every third Wednesday.

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